Why Jega Must Be Sacked As INEC Chairman!


Professor Jega has supervised over some of the worst elections in Nigerian history, particularly in our Delta state. The man has very little asset, in fact more deficits and liabilities, in terms of conscience, and he masterminded some of the worst electoral manipulations and fraud that took place in the 2011 elections where many Nigerian souls were needlessly lost in the name of Presidential elections, particularly in the Northern parts of Nigeria where the people resisted the daylight robbery by Jega, his corrupt INEC officials up and down the country and the cancerous PDP, that benefitted from all the 2011 charade, Jega called Elections! 

Joe Igbokwe- Lagos APC spokesperson- was commenting on some of the Nigerian-wide webgroups I belong, recently and he talked of 10 reasons why Ngige ( the APC gubernatorial candidate) would win the governorship election of Anambra state, which in a fair election should be a very correct prediction of the November 16th Anambra governorship election.
However he, or rather his new mega party, APC, don’t seem to grasp yet that the “axis of evil” party, the PDP never like fair contest, when it comes to electoral battles, and use all state funded institutions to “decimate” the opposition! They may not …

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