We Are Prudent with Our Income – Yakubu Dati, general manager, corporate communications, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN


We Are Prudent with Our Income – Yakubu Dati, general manager, corporate communications, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN


How much, on the average, does FAAN make from airlines in the country on monthly basis?
The FAAN provides services to air passengers, airlines and different stakeholders and concessionaires in the airport. The services provided to airlines include landing, parking, use of avio-bridge, check-in counters, amongst others. The authority makes about N500 million on the average. This figure however, is not up to half of the wage bill of the authority.

How regularly do these airlines pay? Are they indebted to FAAN and to what extent?
Airlines are expected to pay on a monthly basis but they hardly meet up with their obligations even though they receive payments from passengers.  The international carriers (airlines) pay regularly but the domestic airlines often default in payments as and when due. Total indebtedness of active domestic and international airlines as at 31st August 2013 is N19,538,181,356.60 and $29,008,088.93 respectively. The authority has continued to provide these services under this heavy weight of indebtedness.

How do you apply sanctions on airlines when they default in payment?
We usually deploy all our persuasive skills to make them see reason and do the needful. We are still pleading with them to see reason and if that does not yield results, the option of instituting legal action is within our purview.

It is alleged that aviation agencies put too much pressure on airlines to pay charges imposed on them, which in most cases are outrageous. This financial pressure is said to be the reason why they cut corners in their airline operations. What is your reaction to this?
The allegation is unfounded. Current charges and tariffs applied by FAAN conform to acceptable international practices as recommended by ICAO …

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