Secret of Timeless Styles


By Oluremi Eletu-Ajayi
Timeless look, ageless beauty, without the perennial weather-beaten come-down, is define as lasting, enduring, classic, unfailing, undying, immortal, immutable beauty.  For some ladies, they look so weather-beaten, it is like time actually feasted on them.   You see others, age seems to be so kind to them, there are no apparent or few adverse effects  of time on such.
And you wonder, how do they do it? How have they managed to beat the incursion of time?  How do they manage to  have the right thing to wear, regardless of considerable variety in sizes – physical,  pocket, social or budget? There are some secrets of timeless style. One of them is neckline.
The neckline is the ultimate give-away of the effect of age on man. Universally, designers agree that women need to  watch out for the necklines of every woman: they make or break a woman illusion of herself.
Feminine necklines, V , portrait, those special cuts that emphasize femininity and decolletage of every woman, irrespective of shape or stature could never be over-emphasized.
One of the first steps to building a timeless wardrobe is to choose clothes that look great on you. Flattering necklines are key because they bring …

Source: The Sun News


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