Politics, Interfaith Pluralism, And Osun State Chapter Of CAN By Adebayo Aregbesola


Yoruba people of the South Western part of Nigeria are unique in many ways. They are considered to be very enterprising and accommodating people. In fact, many observers would not dispute Yoruba people’s claim to sophistication when it comes to religious tolerance and accommodation of other ethnic groups that live in their midst. Yoruba people are known to tolerate each other’s religious beliefs and views. In Yoruba land it would not be unusual to find Christians, Muslims and traditional Yoruba worshippers of Ogun, Obatala and Osun, etc, living in the same nuclear family. This, among other factors, attests to the civility and sophistication of Yoruba people. Further, as predominantly educated, and until lately, Yoruba people would ordinarily question the rationale of any politicians or religious leaders that try to incite or plant seeds of discord among them. The above background not only provides enough justification to condemn in strong terms the recent utterances of leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Osun state Chapter, but also calls for deeper reflections by every Yoruba stakeholder.

The ongoing school reclassifications in Osun state, which require merger of some schools, are certainly generating some heated debates in the state of Osun. …

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