Pertinent questions on Abia workers award


It was David Gemmell in his book, Shield Of Thunder who said: “I may be stupid, as you say, to believe in honour and friendship and loyalty without price. But these are virtues to be cherished, for without them we are no more than beasts roaming the land.”The above aphorism is axiomatic and factual. One cannot attract friendship, honour and loyalty without paying a price for it. The price for it is personal sacrifice and selfless service to humanity at all times. That is what attracts an honour to be cherished by all.It was this personal sacrifice that Governor Theodore Orji has made right from his days as a renowned public servant and still making now as the Governor of Abia State. With an outstanding track record in public service that spanned over two decades, Gov Orji on assumption of office in 2007 made the reformation of the state civil service a top priority.This was not only because the sector was his primary constituency, but because he had always known and believe that a strong and refined civil service is a pillar for successful and good administration.Appreciating and eulogizing Orji’s remarkable achievements in the state civil …

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