Oboabona: The Ball Didn't Cross The Line


Godfrey Oboabona is convinced the ball did not cross the line before he made a decisive goal line clearance in Nigeria’s 2-1 win over Ethiopia on Sunday.Walya striker Saladin Said looked to have slipped the ball behind and beyond Nigeria goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama for what looked like an almost certain goal.But Oboabona, who was beaten by Said to a ball over the top in the build-up, recovered quickly to hook the ball away right on the line.The officials allowed play to continue, but the home fans were convinced the ball had crossed the line and the goal should have been given.“The ball did not cross the line,” Oboabona told kickoffnigeria with real conviction.“The rule is that all the ball must cross all the line for it to be a goal. And I believe all the ball did not cross the line.”Television replays proved inconclusive, and Oboabona says that proves he is right.“Even with the cameras, it is not clear. But I know it did not cross the line,” he added.   (DEAR READER, you have the right to express your opinion here. What’s your opinion on the above story? Go down to the ‘comments’ area on this page and have your say now.)



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