No place for new PDP in Kwara – Ex-commissioner


FORMER Commissioner for Works in Kwara State, Mr Afolabi Yunus, has declared that the aggrieved members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who have formed the new PDP, have no place in the state.
The former commissioner, who served under the administration of Senator Bukola Saraki, between 2003 and 2007, said the original members of the PDP were not in support of the activities of the NPDP, adding that the original followers of the late (Dr) Olusola Saraki, had regrouped to strengthen the PDP in the state.
 According to him, many core followers of Baba Saraki were unhappy with the way the affairs of the party is being run.“We are prepared to go with the original PDP in Kwara State. During election, we strongly believe it is we, in the original PDP, that will defeat the self-styled factional structure he has introduced,” he said.
According to the commissioner, there is no place for the new PDP in Kwara State, because the core followers of Baba Saraki had seen through the plans of the faction and had written the national secretariat of the PDP to make necessary amends.
He lamented the marginalisation of segments of Kwara State, adding that many of the …

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