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My journalism CV, which I began to acquire since February 2005 when DESERT HERALD came into being, was updated on 4th September from a record of nine arrests within the turbulent period to ten. Thanks to the untiring ‘efforts’ of those who masterminded my arrest and the millions that were used to see the end of just one man. Whether the purpose of my arrest and detention for 16 days in a cell that even animals should not be kept, if the administrators of our nation value human rights and human dignity, has been achieved by those who plotted my arrest is left to be determined in future.Certainly, any serious journalist, even in the face of persecution, blackmail, threat and intimidation, should not rush in paying back to his detractors, particularly if such perceived detractors are agents, appointees or officials of a government that by constitution has its stipulated time limit to elapse. Going by the sudden decision of President Goodluck Jonathan to sack nine ministers at once and the circumstances that made him president after late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s demise, the wise will always be conscious of the fact that all human power and influence, no matter how long it will take, is temporary and that one day money cannot buy such undue privileges because the power, influence and authority would invariably perish. But a journalist, most especially a publisher, so long as he remains in the business of publishing will always operate with independence according to the dictates of his conscience and may offer a painful response at a time there is no power, no much resources to waste and to manipulate the conscience of the willing media.In many ways my arrest and detention even though very painful to …

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