Mu azu Babangida Aliyu, Overheating the polity unnecessarily


Because Nigeria is a country that promotes mediocrity in all most all facets of its life, people like Mu azu Babangida Aliyu, Murtala Nyako and Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso can be smuggled into positions of authority and by implication head institutions and even states courtesy of their godfather Obasanjo.
It is on record for example that Murtala Nyako destroyed the Nigerian Navy in connivance with Ibrahim Babangida.
Rabiu Kwankwaso as the so called minister of Defence during Obasanjo’s second tenure was said to have stolen military pensioners’ pension money. That led the pensioners’ to protest on the street in major Nigerian cities.
In the case of Babangida Aliyu, the guilty are always afraid of even their shadows. That is the case with him. Ordinarily one would have thought that as “His Excellency”, I would expect him to be honourable and honest. But alas, his case is becoming worst whenever he opens his mouth to the press. He blames everybody real and imaginary. Whenever speak the truth, he is bitter about and will claim that people have collected money from Abuja. Can Mu azu Babangida Aliyu please tell us where he collected his own money he wasted together with other rebel …

Source: Pointblank News


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