Local vehicles manufacturing – INNOSON/FG pact commendable


IT is an established fact that most industrialised  countries like USA, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, France, Russia and China have as their identity the brand of vehicles they manufacture.For example America is synonymous with Ford, Britain with Rolls Royce, Germany is known with Mercedes, Sweden is Volvo and so on. It is therefore a thing of joy that Nigeria has started to develop a brand as we have in Innoson brand of locally manufactured vehicles. Obviously, this was how other great economies of the world developed.Before Innoson vehicles were introduced into the Nigeria market, it was unthinkable that such dream will be realised someday in our country. Here was a man who started the importation of motorcycles from China but he soon realised that if he could bring them as completely knocked down parts, he will save some costs and provide jobs for our teeming youths.He also thought it wise that by bringing the motorcycles to Nigeria as completely knocked down, it will be easier to discover the technological mechanics that enabled the Chinese to succeed.This idea worked wonders as soon after he started assembling motorcycles locally he led the effort to crash the cost of …

Source: Vanguard News


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