Is honeymoon an overrated concept?


Most likely
The idea of setting a little time off to get to know your partner better immediately after the wedding or even to rest a little while after the rigours of preparations for and during the wedding proper itself is not so foreign to our clime. It’s good to rest after one may have gone through a lot of physical, mental and emotional stress for getting everything involved in the wedding on an even keel.
The honeymoon as a concept of resting or finding time to relax so as to be rejuvenated for the issues of marital life is not really a bad idea. People through the ages have always taken the ceremonious aspect of the wedding concept to another level.
It is therefore an idea which when looked at from that perspective is a welcome development. Who wouldn’t want to take time off to detoxify oneself and be well prepared? On the other hand, the issue is more of the necessity of having a honeymoon period as an essential aspect or as really being important for marriage. A lot of people are of the opinion that it’s a way of making couples appreciate their time …

Source: National Mirror


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