I weep for thee, Nigeria (1)


There is nothing that gives me as concern much as the state of affairs in our dear country. This is why I have consistently advocated good governance, fear of God and selflessness in service. Last week, I did a piece on Nigeria’s federalism, and concluded by calling for the restructuring of the nation on the basis of equity, justice and fair play.  After that piece, my heart has been at pain. I am worried things do not work well in Nigeria. Instead of getting better, they are getting worse.
In this piece, I have taken a deeper look at the state of affairs in Nigeria with a view to pinpointing the way forward as we approach the proverbial year 2015. Any right-thinking person would agree with me that Nigeria has migrated from one major problem after another since independence. The diverse and complex nature of these problems makes the issue we discuss today topical.
I have found out in all my years of writing about Nigeria’s development that identifying the ills of our nation is never a problem, because there are very many of them. The main problem lies with attempting to reconstruct Nigeria, especially when viewed from the …

Source: The Sun News


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