Have you been to the foundry of the world’s fifi rst blacksmith?


Who is the world’s first blacksmith? Ogunladindin is reputed to have brought the art of blacksmithing to the world from heaven. His foundry is still smouldering in Ile-Ife, right inside the Ooni’s palace.
Ile-Ife now in the present day Osun State of Nigeria is generally believed to be the ancestral home of the more than 30 million Yoruba race. That explains why the University City is also referred to as The Source. The ancient city lives up to this appellation any time and any day. In its bowels lie many historical sites, symbols and artefacts.
Perhaps, the one singular place that has the largest concentration of these is the palace of the Monarch, Ooni. Hardly would one sight any monument or structure in the ancient palace that does not have a very rich history and cultural/religious attachment. It is indeed a bastion of these sites. Out of this long list, one of those that stand out and most symbolic is the Ile Ase. Literally, it means the House of Authority or House of So-Shall-It-Be.
But a bright and colourful signpost that stands before the modern structure that harbours the most ancient and first foundry in the world simply …

Source: National Mirror


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