Geldof: Africa needs aid, debt cancellation, Western and Chinese investment, and mobile phones


Days after declaring his own generation had “failed,” rock star philanthropist Bob Geldof has told Al Jazeera that the next generation will do so too.
Geldof had struck the previous pessimistic note at The One Young World Summit in South Africa, and has followed it up in an interview with Al Jazeera English’s South2North talk show.
Geldof was nevertheless still brimming with ideas on what should happen in Africa. The force behind Band Aid and Live Aid told host Haru Mutasa in the interview to be aired tonight:
“The first thing is education. Out of that will come an economy, an economy of scale. You do need aid, you do need debt cancellation, all those things I’ve banged on about for 30 years, You do need massive inward investment from the Chinese and the West. And you do need a social glue: in Africa’s case, that’s the mobile phone. There’s very little infrastructure here; this became a virtual infrastructure. Once you had the money available to trade, they began trading through this and you got liftoff on the African continent, so that seven of the ten fastest-growing economies in the world today are on this …



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