‘G7 govs cannot stop Jonathan in 2015’


THE national coordinator of Nigeria Mandate 2015, a political mobilisation and pressure group, Ntufam Ojong Okonjor, has said that no amount of pressure from the G7 governors can stop President Goodluck Jonathan from contesting and winning the 2015 presidential elections.
In a chat with the Nigerian Tribune in Calabar, on Tuesday, Ojong said “without the so-called G7 governors, Jonathan will win. He did not win election based on the G7 governors, it was Nigerians from different walks of life who  voted him to be president.
“When the president contested in 2011, all those G7 states, apart from Rivers and Adamawa, did not vote for the president. They all voted for the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC). Were they sincere? No. Infact, they committed a crime against the party and were supposed to be expelled from the party right from the time they failed to canvass votes for the president,” he said.
Ojong, Board chairman of Cross River Broadcasting Corporation, vowed that his group would mount pressure to ensure President  Jonathan deployed every means possible to actualise his second term ambition.
He said his organisation supported good governance and that Jonathan should never jettison his ambition, as such opportunity would never come again.
“We, in the South-South, will never allow any other group to produce president of Nigeria, because if we do, when will the turn of South-South come again? It will never come so easily and soon.  If President Jonathan’s second term ambition will tear the country apart, let it happen.  We object to vehemently to Jonathan thinking of jettisoning it.
“If you chronicle the list of all those who have been in power, you will notice that all of them had their second terms. The constitution of the country guarantees his ambition. He has constitutional right to gun for and accomplish …

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