Fashola Drums Up Support for Ngige





Babatunde Fashola, Lagos State governor, and members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, have called on the people of Anambra to vote en masse for Chris Ngige, the party’s candidate for the November 16 governorship election in the state, saying he is the most experienced of all the candidates being fielded by political parties for the position.


Speaking at a fund-raising dinner organised by the party in Lagos, Fashola asserted that out of all those who have offered themselves for the governorship of the state, Ngige was the most experienced man for the job, adding that experience is key to the business of governance.


The governor told the gathering of prominent Igbo businessmen and women at the Lagos House, Marina venue of the event, “Experience is very key in this business. So, if you support him things will happen quickly because he has held that office before and that is experience. He has Federal Civil Service structure experience; he served as a director in the Federal Civil Service. The driver of Government is the Public Service. That is experience.”


Citing his experience on being elected governor in 2007 to emphasise the importance of experience, Fashola said because he was in government of the state for four years as chief of staff to his immediate predecessor, assuming duties as governor was not stressful because he already had the experience of office modalities.


“When people ask, ‘what is the secret here?’ I say I was in government, in the Governor’s Office for four years; it was a quick platform from which to take off. That is experience. So on day one, I knew what to do with the file.  That is what is on offer for you to choose in this election,” he said.


On the insinuation that the APC was alien to the Igbo of the South-east, he said the important thing was not the name of the party but what the party stood for and has in stock in terms of development programmes for the people, adding that the APC stands for rapid development and for change.


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