Fani-Kayode: The Minister Of Cant – by Mr Yakubu Dati


Self-glorification is not new to Nigerians as a relevance-seeking strategy by politicians who have been left stranded at the bus-stop in the new scheme of things.
If that strategy appears to be failing, some adept politicians advise that you quickly combine it with self-righteous pontifications which you shoot at those in government. These salvos would, usually make you smell like roses, such that those who dumped you at the bus-stop, would forever regret the day they did not take you along with the convoy.
Sadly,for one young and well educated politician with such great potential known as Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, this has been the case since he left government five years ago.
This new-found public-spirited commentator who jumps on any issue under the sun in our troubled polity ,usually expresses views that range from the ridiculous, to the frivolous, to the unserious, to the kindergarten, to the downright sleazy. Even Fani-Kayode himself admits that he thrives in controversy.
The most recent tragic death of several Nigerians in an air crash in Ikeja Lagos provided Fani-Kayode with his latest ammunition. And firing on all cylinders, he has gleefully launched a barrage of verbal attacks at the President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, …



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