Expert Calls For Improvement Of IT Infrastructure In Nigeria


The president, Information System Audit and Control Association, Peter Ineh has said that Nigerians need to have more knowledge in Information Technology which would help in preventing fraud and called on government to increase the standard process of IT infrastructure in companies.
Speaking on Channels Television breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr. Ineh explained that part of his association’s objective is trying to adopt a tool called Cobit 5 which he said can be used as a business framework for the governance and management of IT.
Cobit 5 tells us the things we need to do in order to achieve the stakeholders objective not just the business part of it, he said, mentioning countries that have started using Cobit 5 to include, Turkey, USA and South-Africa.
He added that if there was a standard process for IT infrastructure, it would be easy to check compliance on any kind of fraud. He also called for the introduction of CCTV cameras on major and minor roads in every city in the country just as it is obtainable in the civilised worlds.



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