Council chairman tasks FESTAC residents on fire extinguishers


Chairman, Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Area, Lagos State, Mr Ayodele Adewale, has reiterated his call on residents of Blocks of Flats in Festac Town, to pool resources together to purchase fire extinguishers for their homes.
Adewale told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) after a fire incident at a Block of Flats at 41 Road, `D’ Close, near the council secretariat, that he had always advised members of the FESTAC Residents Association (FTRA) to ensure that they were able to surround themselves with fire extinguishers.
“I always tell them, particularly those who live in the Blocks of Flats, to ensure that they are able to provide one fire extinguisher per floor, which they could easily rush for, in case of  fire incident.
“If they had some fire extinguishers in that Block of Flats, they would have been able to contain that fire more effectively.
“I will still renew my call for FESTAC residents to endeavour to provide fire-fighting equipment in their homes, in the event of  fire incident,’’ he said.
Adewale masterminded the evacuation of the aged father of the affected family.
NAN reported that he was rescued unhurt from the burnt flat, to the nearby council’s health centre, where doctors …

Source: Community News


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