Beyond merging Osun schools


The ongoing merging of schools and the lingering crisis that followed it could have been avoided if the Osun State Government carried the people along. If power belongs to the people, let the government have a listening ear before politicians see it as an avenue to blackmail or make propaganda. Let the merger of schools or reclassification as the government calls it, be a gradual process and started with two or three local governments. When it works, then it can be taken to other zones rather than using school merger to distract the ongoing infrastructural development in the state. The people’s differences, religions, beliefs and opinions must be taken into consideration in formulating government policies. It should consider the cultural and social beliefs to each of these schools merging together before embarking on this project which people see as anti-people. The government must go beyond merging schools in the state, it should equip these schools first before merging them. It should also organise public hearings in all local governments to sensitise the people first.
Ojewoye Gbenga,
Egan, Lagos State,,

Source: The Punch – Nigeria’s Most Widely Read Newspaper


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