Associated Airline Crash:Anybody Could Have Been At Fault- NCAA


The Director, Airworthiness Standards in the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Mr. Benedict Adeyilaka on Thursday revealed steps the agency takes in ensuring the airworthiness of aircrafts used by Nigerian airlines.
On the reasons for the Associated Airline crash, which some have attributed to improper arrangement of the cargo, Adeyilaka insisted that “anybody (Engineers, Pilot, ground staff) could have been at fault” adding that only the Accident Investigation Bureau can certify what actually caused the crash.
Adeyilaka, who noted that the initial process is usually lengthy and leads to certification, added that the  airworthiness checks is continuous.
He further likened the exercise to that of the Vehicle Inspection Officers, who ensure cars used are road worthy.
“We approach aircrafts, look through their documentation, make sure the pilot’s license is current. We make sure that the aircraft is not carrying snags and faults” he said.

He said the checks do not have a specific time but are done “at random” noting that “as we speak right now, we have inspectors at the airport doing checks all over the country”.
He said the agency has a department with skilled staff who regularly  “look at the loading on the aircraft, look at …



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