Africa: Modern Slavery Is Alive and Well


An estimated 30 million people worldwide are living in modern-day slavery, according to the inaugural Global Slavery Index published yesterday. The report ranks countries on the prevalence of modern slavery and Namibia is ranked at 46th, while Mauritania is at number one, the country with highest prevalence of modern slavery in the world along with 14 other African countries also among the 20 worst performers. The index, to be published annually, is the first of its kind. The report did not go into details on how it ranked Namibia at 46th position.
Mauritania is ranked worst on the index because of the highest estimated proportion of its population enslaved of any country in the world. The West African country is thought to have an estimated 150 000 slaves in a population of only 3.8 million. In the top ten of the index are Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Gambia and Gabon.
The research, which makes recommendations to policy makers in Africa and around the world, revealed that extreme poverty, conflict and traditional practices such as child marriage and hereditary slavery are all factors in the high rates of enslavement in many African countries. The index also found that Kenya is host to thousands of displaced people from neighbouring …

Source: AllAfrica News: Africa


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