Afenifere suggests 700 delegates for National Confab


THE Presidential Advisory Committee on National Conference on Friday commenced its assignment with an interactive sessions in Akure, Ondo State, where various groups and organisations presented their positions on the agenda and the direction of the conference.Many of the groups that presented memoranda at the event were however unanimous in their demand for a Sovereign National Conference, the outcome of which would only be subjected to a referendum.Prominent among the groups that presented inputs for the conference were the pan-Yoruba socio political group, Afenifere, the Yoruba Unity Forum, PRONACO, students, Arogbo-Ijaw group, Movement for National Reformation, Atayese, the Ondo Study Group, National Council of Women Societies, among others. Presenting the position of Afeniferes the leader of the group, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, stated that the national conference should be made up of ethnic nationalities which must accommodate the civil service, religious leaders, labour leaders, students and other special interests.The group also canvassed  for 700 delegates with a maximum of 100 delegates from the six existing zones, while the remaining 100 should represent the special interest group.The group also suggested a six-month duration for the conference, while the agenda for the conference should include philosophical foundation of Nigeria, structure of the …

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