1st October 2013 – Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi


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Today Tuesday, is another milestone in the history of the nation Nigeria. The mare survival of Nigeria as a unified entity is the only successful story in the 53 years of its independence. Like Boko Haram, Nigeria can only boast of its success on its survival. We see despite heavy fatalities and injuries of thousands of people and the grounded economic life of the NE, the purported Boko Haram leader can only boast on his ability to prove he is still alive. Just like BH, Nigeria is real but unrealistic, naïve and self-annihilative. Why? Just because those that lead the two phenomena are dehumanized of all human sensibilities. They trade blood for power!
Sequel to the SW riots of June 12 1993 annulment of the presidential elections in which chief M. K. O Abiola won, Gen. IBB stepped down citing that he would not stand the spilling of Nigerian blood just to adhere to power. A lesson we wished Assad of Syria and Sisi of Egypt realized long ago. You never kill innocent souls and survive. Never!
2years ago, regarding the 1st of October 2010 Abuja bombing that killed 12 innocent Nigerians, carried out by the terrorist organization M.E.N.D, President Jonathan exonerated them and tried to castigate the northern politicians inferring to IBB. A new strategy never known in Nigerian politics came in to play i.e. by calling a dog a bad name to hang it. Then IBB was foreseen as the most formidable obstacle to deny Goodluck power. They forgot IBB left the power to save Nigerian blood. This the best deed of IBB Nigerians should not betray.
Yes, from the onset, Mr. Goodluck was apparently in a struggle to grab power and to cling to power even if that is at the cost …

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